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Questions about how the site works

How do I register?
To subscribe, click on "Registration" on the main page and complete all required fields on the form.
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How to connect to your account?
To log into your account, provide the email and password you chose when you registered. Enter them in the gray box at the top right corner of the main page.
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I cannot connect to my account.
First check that you entered the correct email address and the password.It is possible you had an account created automatically if you filed an alert request on the site. You then received an email containing your login information.
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Forgot my password
If you forgot your password, click "forgot password" in the login box at the top right corner of the main page.
A new password will be sent to your email address immediately.
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Technical Problem
If you encounter a technical problem while using the site, please let us know here:
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To unsubscribe from the site, enter your email address here and your information will be immediately removed from our database.
PS: This operation is valid only if you have no current pending transactions on the site. If you have a pending transaction your account will be deleted when all transactions are completed and your balance is available in your wallet.
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For any other request, please use our online support.
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Questions regarding our service PASSENGER

How can I book a trip and get my ticket?
To book a trip, you first need to search through our search engine by clicking on "Passenger" on the main page.Enter your departure city and destination to access drivers’ trip offers. Click on the offer that interests you to learn the details and follow the prompts to reserve your spot and receive your ticket.
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My reservation request is pending validation by the driver. When will I receive the answer?
When you make a reservation, and the driver had not yet confirmed his/her departure, you must wait until the driver accepts your reservation to receive your ticket.The driver is alerted via email and text about your request and has 24 hours to reply.
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My reservation request has been canceled by the driver, what should I do?
You do not have to do anything. Your reservation is canceled and your wallet will be credited back 100% of the amount paid or simply never charged.
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My reservation request has been changed by the driver. What should I do?
When the driver responds to your reservation request, he/she can change the conditions of the initial offer. In this case your request is automatically canceled and your wallet credited back the amount paid or you will simply never be charged.
If the new conditions are acceptable to you, make another reservation.
If the conditions do not work for you, you can choose another trip.
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How do I use a ticket received by email?
When you book a trip, you will receive your ticket via email.
You must print your ticket and take it with you on your trip as you would for any other means of transportation.
Once you have reach your destination, give your ticket to your driver: This is your method of payment.You don’t have to pay your driver or provide anything else.

With your ticket, your driver will release the money you paid for your reservation.
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I have no printer; how can I print my ticket?
If you do not have the ability to print your ticket, you must write down the 4-digit code on the ticket, take it with you and give it to your driver once at destination.
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How can I contact a driver?
Once your reservation is accepted, you will receive an email with your ticket upon which is listed your driver’s contact information.
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My reservation was accepted, I have my ticket yet the driver informed me that the trip is canceled. How to recover my money?
When a driver cancels his trip, for any reason, you can recover 100% of the money paid for your reservation, as "pending amount in your wallet”. For this you must rate your driver in your passenger dashboard, indicating that your trip was canceled.
Indicate the reason given by the driver. The driver will receive a right to respond if he disagrees with your rating.

Your "pending amount" will then immediately become an "available balance". With your available balance you can make a new reservation or request a transfer to your bank account.
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How do I cancel my reservation?
To cancel your reservation, log into your account and click on "my trips" in your passenger dashboard. Find your trip and click cancel. Your wallet is then immediately credited back the amount of your booking.
Your ticket is destroyed and no longer holds any value.
The seats that you had reserved are released.
The cancellation fee is apply in accordance with the terms of use and conditions.
Consider contacting your driver directly to let them know as a courtesy.
Note: you cannot cancel your reservation after the date and time of your planned departure.
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Rate a trip
When you have traveled you can rate your driver. This is an important action to build trust among members. Log in to your passenger dashboard and click on "ratings".
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I want to modify or stop receiving alerts
To manage your alerts, log in to your account and click on "my alerts".
You can create a new alert, edit or delete your existing alerts.
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For any other request use the online support.
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Questions regarding our service DRIVERS

How to submit a trip offer?
o offer a new trip, log into your account or register. Fill out the form, click “save” and your offer will be published immediately.
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How do I set the price per passenger for my trip?
You have to set a price according to the cost of your trip. Calculate the cost of your trip and share it according to the total of seats in your car in order to get a fixed price per seat.
Make sure that your total revenue does not exceed the actual cost of your trip, so as not to make profit and stay within the rules imposed by your insurance policy (if there are rules against commercial use of the vehicle).
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Why is the price displayed on the site is different from the price I picked?
The price you pick when you submit your trip matches the actual amount that you will receive. Tickengo added a commission to this price as agreed in the Terms of Use.
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I received a reservation request by email and text, what should I do?
When a passenger is interested in your offer, you receive a booking request by email and text. Simply confirm your departure and the conditions of your offer to confirm the reservation and receive the contact information for your passenger.
CAUTION: If after accepting an initial reservation, there is space available in your car, these places will be booked directly by the next passengers and you will be notified by email and text. Remember to update your offer if the number of seats changes.
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I received a reservation request and I wish to change my departure.
When you receive a reservation request, you can still edit your offer. The reservation of your passenger will be rejected and the passenger will be informed of the changes.
If the changes suit him the passenger can book their spot again and you will be notified by email and text.
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I received a reservation request and I want to cancel my departure.
When you receive a reservation request, you can still cancel your offer. To do this click on "cancel" and your passenger’s reservation will be automatically rejected and your offer deleted.
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My trip was booked; how can I contact my passengers?
When a passenger books a spot on your trip, you are notified by email and text and you receive their contact information. You can then contact them directly to clarify the last details before departure.
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My trip was booked but I cannot go. How can I cancel my departure?
If you cannot ensure the trip that you proposed, you must warn your passengers quickly so that they can find another solution. Note however that your passengers will be required to report your cancellation through negative feedback to recover their money.
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How do my passengers pay me through their tickets?
When a passenger books your trip, he pays online and receives a ticket in return. Once arrived at destination, your passenger gives you a ticket, which allows you to unlock your money, which goes from "pending amount" to "available balance" in your wallet.
On the ticket there is 4-digit code called "trip code”. In your driver dashboard, click "Code", and enter the code where indicated.

When you want to transfer the amount of your available balance to your bank account, you must transfer by clicking on "request a transfer" from your account.
Transfers are made by Tickengo on the 1st, 10th and 20th of every month.
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For any other request use the nline support.
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Questions about your electronic Wallet

What is an electronic wallet?
An electronic wallet is assigned to you when you register, whether you are a driver or a passenger. It allows you to collect payments from your passengers when you are the driver and have reservations for your trips. It also allows you to pay your driver when you want to book a ride as a passenger.
Note: when you register you define a currency for your wallet. Then you can't change the currency chosen and you can't buy a ticket in an another currency that the one you have chosen. If you need to buy a ticket in an another currency than yours, you may create an other account.
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How to transfer my available balance on my account?
The amount shown as "available balance" is your amount of money that you can transfer to your bank account at any time by clicking on "request a transfer in your account”.
Transfers are made by Tickengo on the 1st, 10th and 20th of every month. Transfer fees may be applied: please see the Terms of Use and conditions.
Note: transfers in EURO (€) are made directly from our bank account to the user bank account. For other currencies we make money transfers from our Paypal Account to the user Paypal Account.
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What does a negative pending amount mean?
When you make a booking, the fare you pay is immobilized and appears as a “negative pending amount”.
This amount will be transferred to your driver only after you have given him your ticket.
If, before departure, you cancel your own reservation, this amount goes back to being an "available balance" (minus cancellation fees).
If before departure your driver cancels your trip, 100% of the amount is returned to "available balance" after you have rated the driver.
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What is a positive pending amount?
The amount shown as "pending positive amount" represents amounts paid by your passengers for their reservations. You will be able to unlock this money with the trip code on the ticket issued by your passengers after your trip.
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For any other request use the online support.
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