About TickenGo

Each day the millions of empty seats in private cars traveling on our streets are a huge waste of energy and money.

TickenGo represents a great opportunity for travelers, who want to make a difference. Our marketplace platform enables drivers to offer available seats for an itinerary and passengers to buy a ticket to fill an available seat. TickenGo is a new travel experience: flexible, secure and inexpensive. It's the perfect solution to complement air travel or public transportation.

Making your travel experience safe and secure is very important to us. That's why the TickenGo Team has developed a secure registration process and drivers rating system. If you have questions, please check out the Help page or contact us directly.

TickenGo helps protect the environment. We believe that individual cars are essential in people life. By decreasing the number of by empty seats, TickenGo makes car travel more energy efficient.